Our Services

“I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me”                                                            -  Philippians 4:13"


We recognize every pregnancy is different and prenatal care is a key component of a healthy pregnancy.  That is why our regular prenatal appointments will last about an hour.  We want to get to know you and your family, listen to your concerns, and answer your questions.  Husbands, partners and little ones are welcome and encouraged to join you at your appointments. 


Every appointment will include time for education on important pregnancy and birth topics, explore options and discuss upcoming decisions.  We will talk about what is happening with you and the baby and review any lab results or diagnostic tests.  We will check your vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, weight), listen to the baby's heartbeat, measure the baby's growth, and perhaps check the baby's position.  We will discuss any concerns or wishes you have and work together to honor the desires you have for your pregnancy and birth.  Any and all questions are welcome, and we encourage you to let us know of any concerns you have. 


We will visit once a month until 28 weeks of pregnancy, then every two weeks until about 36 weeks, and then weekly until your baby is born.  One of the midwife’s most important roles is to support the mother and her family.